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There's only one word to describe it: Impressive! And maybe another word: Huge!!

Honestly, when I started working on the Archdragon 3D model I didn't think it was going to end up being so big; but here it is, living up to his title as the mightiest dragon in the universe of Majesty of Dragons. I had a very steep learning curve modeling it, but it was definitely worth the effort, and the guys from Kraken Studio did a fantastic job printing this beast.

This spectacular resin dragon is not necessary for playing the game, but it is a fabulous add-on to your miniatures wargames, a real challenge if you are a miniatures painter, or just as a piece of collection for your shelf. If you backed Majesty of Dragons on Kickstarter, you can include the Archdragon to your pledge on Gamefound:

Thank you so much for your support on Majesty of Dragons, I can hardly believe this magnificent resin monster is finally real. I really hope you like it as much as I do!

Video music: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim main theme.

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After 2 years, the website is open again, and I plan it to be the "headquarters" for all my existing and upcoming projects, and eventually I want it to be my main online store. It's still on development, but it's already functional. I really hope you like this new version! Thank you very much for all the support!

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