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The Ultimate Dragon Creation Kit for Zbrush

🐲Over 290 brushes and ztools that will allow you to create 3D DRAGONS easy and fast. This super pack is a combination of all my other packs in my store, and it contains: 

  • 👉43 IMM dragon horns, including ZTL and OBJ files.

  • 👉38 VDM scales brushes, drag and sculpt each scale individually.

  • 👉28 VDM trail scales bruses, drag and sculpt a trail of scales easily.

  • 👉34 VDM fur brushes.

  • 👉26 VDM feather brushes and 5 IMM big feathers.

  • 👉20 eyelids and 20 eyeballs.

  • 👉14 teeth and 8 different jaws. ZTL and OBJ files.

  • 👉8 plain heads (clean and ready to be detailed) and 8 detailed heads. ZTL and OBJ files.

  • 👉21 IMM arms, includes ZTL and OBJ files.

  • 👉21 IMM legs, includes ZTL and OBJ files.

  • 👉7 IMM dragon wing brushes.


  • ✔️FREE DEMO version. Try the tools out for free before purchasing them.

  • ✔️Suitable for dragons, reptiles, dinosaurs, wyverns, crocodiles, snakes and other fantasy (or real) creatures.

VDM scales brushes for zbrush
IMM arms brushes
VDM fur brushes for zbrush
IMM legs brushes for zbrush
eyes brushes for zbrush
VDM feather brushes for zbrush
dragon heads ztools for zbrush
Create your own Zbrush dragons
horns IMM brushes for zbrush
ztl jaws and teeth for zbrush
Dragon wings for Zbrush
Dragon maker for Zbrush
  • There's no refund policy, but if you have any problems with your download, contact me on

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