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Morrum Khar, the Archdragon


Main features

  • This kit contains 13 parts to assembly the high detail resin miniature Morrum Khar, the Archdragon.

  • Size: 200mm tall, 320mm wingspan.

  • The dragon comes unpainted, but we can paint it for you if you want! (Not available yet, but soon). On-demand painting. Please take into account that your order will take 3-4 more weeks if you select this option, as we will need some time to paint it.

  • Free tracked shipping worldwide.

  • Resin color: Grey.

  • A perfect add-on for your wargames, role-playing games or your personal miniature collection.

  • Not recommended for children under 14 years old, due to small and fragile pieces.

  • This miniatures comes in pieces and it requires assembly with a plastics glue (Loctite or similar). It's recommended even some filling between pieces for a perfect look.

  • Once assembled, it is fragile and it will break if it falls off a table or any other high surface, as any other big miniature of this kind.


  • Free shipping worldwide. It will take 3-5 days to process the order, and 2-3 weeks to deliver (unpainted version). 4-6 weeks delivery time for painted version. Free tracked shipping.

Returns and refunds

  • Although there's no return policy, if the package gets lost, we can either re-ship it or issue a refund. If the miniature arrives broken, we can replace and re-ship the broken piece. 

  • Contact email for re-shipments/refunds is


The Archdragon of the Cinder Moor, the Forger of miseries, the Sovereign of Fire and Darkness... hundreds are the titles this colossal monster receives. And it’s not for less, Morrum Khar is the largest, oldest, mightiest and wickedest of all dragons. Thousands are the tribes that worship him all over the world as a deity of destruction. He is the strongest creature on earth, he knows it and he enjoys it immensely. Only an alliance of dragons of Good, commanded by Namradon, the Dimensions Traveler, prevents him from subjecting the whole world.

In addition to his huge size and his almighty strength, unmatched among all dragons, he’s an absolute master of fire and darkness magic arts, being able to burn an entire land or cover it with a permanent night. That’s why this evil hungry-of-power monster is so feared by all creatures, especially other dragons he is used to feeding upon.


Fortunately for the inhabitants that live under his tyranny, his necessity of sleeping makes him spend decades in deep slumber inside the Sorrow Peak, in a vast cave that deeps miles into the ground of the Molten Valley, a whole territory covered by lava rivers in the dark Cinder Moor.

This long slumbers gives the rest of the world a bit of relief.

You can learn more about Morrum Khar in the book Majesty of Dragons: Art and Lore Book, created by Dragolisco as a special reward for the Kickstarter of the game.


Morrum Khar is the strongest dragon in Majesty of Dragons. He is undoubtedly the most important character in the game, and it’s just impossible to ignore him when he shows up as an available dragon to control.

Apart from having his own card, his sinister face floods the cover art of the game. 

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