Into the Territory of Dragons


The ultimate dragon artbook



More than just an artbook, Into the Territory of Dragons is a 150 page tutorial book about how to visualize, understand and create the most impressive creatures in any fantasy world. If you like dragons, then this book is for you. Check the Kickstarter campaign to see how this project was born!

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  • Hardcover, gloss finish.

  • Language: English.

  • 150 pages.

  • Created and published by Juan Arrabal (Dragolisco).

Before: €42.00

€37.00 Christmas offer!

Valid until December 25th. It's a good idea to make the order in November if you are from outside Europe, in order for it to be delivered on time.



1. A section about how to realistically design dragons for a fantasy universe. A complete study about their physiognomy and behavior, dependent on the environment and natural conditions.

2. A section about how to create dragons artistically, including tutorials that explain step by step how to draw and paint dragons digitally, and how to create dragon illustrations.

3. A section purely dedicated to art, a window to the fantastical universe of dragons, a collection of dragon illustrations along with inspirational narrations.